Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Send Off for Mike & Will

Last night CCK hosted a send off get together for Mike Simpson and Will Rich along with Erik and Sam of Martha's Vineyard Eco Adventures. As many of you who follow us here or on our Facebook page already know Mike and Will will be paddling from Key West to Portland, ME on stand up paddle boards! Erik and Sam are driving them down to Florida along with all their gear! Their expedition is known as "SUP The Coast". In doing this they hope to spread awareness and raise money for two specific causes which stem from these passions. The first is Wounded Warrior Project, a national organization which supports America's service men and women, particularly upon their return from duty. Mike and Will will be meeting with Warriors along the way.

The second cause they are supporting is physically "closer to home". We live on, and love, the ocean, and she obviously plays an integral part in this adventure. They have chosen to combine their efforts with a great group of people who work hard (and have fun at the same time) to educate others about the well-being of our marine eco-systems on which we so closely depend. SUP Clean-Up, a world-wide organization based in North Carolina, couldn't be a better fit for what they're trying to do. Mike & Will expect to spend approximately one hour a day picking up trash on the beaches along the way. Mike brings an IKEA bag along and can easily fill it in an hour. That's not a bad idea, next time you head to the beach bring a shopping bag (like the one you bring to the grocery store) and fill it with trash. Imagine how much more beautiful our beaches would be if everyone just filled a bag with trash and brought it off the beach.

Mike & Will have taken every precaution imaginable to stay safe on this journey. Not only are they carrying EPIRB's and PLM's but they also have SPOT Satellite Messengers. If you'd like to follow their progress you can at their SPOT Tracking Site.

We hope to have Mike & Will here for our Annual Collinsville SUP Cup and Stand Up Paddle Festival on August 20. You'll be able to hear all the great stories they'll have to tell!
As a side note CCK is now a chapter of SUP Clean-Up! We believe we are the first inland chapter! We'll be scheduling regular clean ups on Farmington Valley waterways. Watch our web site for dates and locations!

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